Who We Are

WCY Media is a media production outlet for Freemasons, Masonic Lodges, Occultists and Occult Organizations. It was born from the need to produce quality, relevant, Masonic educational content. This came into being through a podcast called “Whence Came You?” and has since expanded to publish several videos, podcasts, books and more.

WCY Media is operated by Freemasons, so you know we’re on the level. As much as we would love to help all brothers and sisters alike, we have costs to maintain. We operate on a donation basis. If you valued the help we were able to give, than help the cause.

Do you want to start a podcast? Does your lodge want to start a podcast? Do you want to publish a book? Need editing? Video? Training? Just want to know how to do it yourself? We can help with all of it.